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Our magic mushroom chocolate bars are crafted with our proprietary premium psilocybin blend. Microdose or megadose, the choice is yours!

mushrooms chocolate bar

mushrooms chocolate bar where we combine our knowledge of Mushrooms with the craft of producing chocolate. Our specialty chocolate bars with mushrooms are well known for their superior quality and complex taste combinations.


shroom chocolate

  • At Fusion Bar our goal is for you to have the best experience possible! Our team of expert fungiculturists have selected the world’s best and most popular fungi to create our premium psilocybin blends.
  • Our products are carefully crafted to the highest safety standards, so we can ensure that you’re getting an accurate dose every time.
  • We believe in quality above everything, and grow our strains in-house at our state-of-the-art facility.

mushrooms chocolate bar Lessons


Fusion Bar chocolate bar products have been known to induce feelings of euphoria, enhance creativity, create visual distortions, and sometimes induce life-changing spiritual journeys


Recent studies show that psilocybin can rebuild your neural pathways and mimic serotonin Serotonin + You = Happiness!


They’re accurate so you can safely microdose; or try megadosing and learn the meaning of life, experience ego-loss, and understand the universe. Whatever you feel like!

Fusion Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Shrooms Bar

Fusion bars Our magic mushroom chocolate bars are made with a combination of excellent psilocybin that we have developed exclusively. You may choose between a microdose and a megadose!

How do mushroom Bars work?

Magic mushrooms are a group of mushrooms that contain the psychedelic prodrug compound Psilocybin. Mankind has used them for millennia, and recently they have become popular as a recreational and medicinal substance. Magic mushrooms have been known to induce feelings of euphoria, powerful hallucinations, self-discovery, understanding, and ego-dissolution. Recent studies suggest that they have neuroregenerative properties, and may be a potential cure for depression and various addictions.

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